Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quote on Character

"Character is the inner form that makes anyone or anything what it is - whether a person, a wine, or a historical period. Thus character is clearly distinct from such concepts as personality, image, reputation, or celebrity. Character is the essential 'stuff' a person is made of." - Os Guinness


Justice said...

have you ever known anyone to change their character? I have lately been dealing with more than one person whose character seems unethical - and want to know how you deal with unethical people, and if you have EVER seen anyone change? Dr. Laura (radio) says most people never change their character.

Chris Whitehead said...

great question...

I have seen people change. I have seen it in myself. I once was a drug and alchol addict who had major anger issues that led to many fights. Today I am free of those things.

I have seen it in others in our church who have had their lives radically changed by God. I have seen it in people's lives who have made slow steady changes over the years. I have seen it in people who are strong followers of Jesus who still had character issues that needed to be transformed and by the grace of God they were.

What I teach is that your behavior demonstrates what you really believe about God. Most people look at the outcomes of their lives and think if they can just re-decide or un-decide then things will be ok. The truth is it goes back one more step to what you believe about that decision. For most people they need to change what it is they believe, that will lead to different decisions and ultimately will lead to different outcomes.

So if you are having problems with unethical behavior in other people's lives, ask them what they really believe about their decisions and if what they believe doesn't line up with their decisions then you have a great teaching moment.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

thank you - that does help. It helps to know there is someone that has changed! (congratulations!) and I love your quote about someone's actions demonstrate what they really believe about God. If I need to say it - I hope you don't mind I quote you. :) - justice (logged in as anonymous b/c I can't remember my password!)