Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Morning QB 2/27/06

Here's the Monday Morning QB for this week:

Message: How to Measure a Life (Dave Preached)

Scripture: Deutronomy 24:12-22; Amos 1:1-4; 3; 5:21-24; 7:1-9

Service Highlights: Dave took a hard look at the care of the poor. He challenged the congregation to no longer be satisfied with the maginalized just being a part of our society. He said, "Anyone who neglects them neglects God and anybody who oppresses them oppresses God."

Stats: 470 in worship + 150 students on Winter Retreat + 188 in Sunday school

Final Notes: The Student Winter Retreat was life changing for most, if not all of the students. Students commited their lives to Jesus, committed their future to ministry, and all had a transformational experience with the living God.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Creating Buzz

Every leader I know is always reading. They are reading about leadership, best practices, execution, focus, and a whole host of other leadership driven ideas. (I'm re-reading a book on Excution right now.) One thing I learned early on in my leadership development is to study those who are at a level or two above you. I do that on a personal basis, but I also do it on a church basis.

The church that I study more than any other church in Granger Community Church in Indiana. On a daily basis I read one of their pastor's blogs. His name is Tony Morgan. I have learned a great deal from him in the last six months.

Granger Church has launched a new sermon series called Pure Sex. They have purchased three large billboards to promote it and have started a web page that connects the sermon series to their church -

This past week Grainger Church was picked up nationally on the news for this series. There is a buzz within the Christian leadership community about what this church has been able to accomplish because they decided to be creative and to talk about something that is very current in today's culture.

Here is one of the best comments I have read on this series.

I want to create a buzz for Jesus that will impact this community. His Truth will do that if we will just allow his Truth to be heard in a relevant way that speaks to people's needs right where they are.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Monday Morning QB 2/20/06

Here's the Monday Morning QB for this week:

Message: Giving and Getting a Spiritual Legacy (Dave Preached)

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:15-21; 2 Kings 2:1-15, 4:1-7, 6:8-23

Service Highlights: This was part two of "A Life that Makes God Smile" series. Cindy Jonczak sang Nicole Nordman's Legacy.

Stats: 542 in worship + 258 in Sunday School

Monday Morning QB 2/13/06

Here's the Monday Morning QB for this week:

Message: Holding Steady in a Roller Coaster World (Dave Preached)

Scripture: 1 Kings 15:25-19:18

Service Highlights: Pastor Dave began his 8-week series called "A Life that Makes God Smile."

Stats: 517 in worship + 221 in Sunday school

Final Notes: This series concludes the Old Testament Challenge. This is the fourth eight-week series we have done in the Challenge.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Monday Morning QB 2/7/06

Here's the Monday Morning QB for this week:

Message: A New Life (Chris Preached)

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-18

Service Highlights: We brought in seven new families, four of those families joined by profession of faith. There were eleven children and youth in those families. This ended our series on Extreme Makeover.

Stats: 591 in worship + 248 in Sunday school

Final Notes: We are averaging 82 more people a week or 14% increase from a year ago. Pastor Dave begins an eight-week series next week called "A Life that Makes God Smile."