Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jesus Kicked Satan's Butt on Easter

Jesus kicked Satan's butt on Easter! I just had to get that out there because what is going to be happening on Easter weekend (April 11/12) at Charter Oak Church isn't going to be a run of the mill church service. If we can't get out on the edge to proclaim the truth about Jesus on Easter then what's the point? There are 33,000 people within a five mile radius of Charter Oak Church that do not have a church home. Is that acceptable? I don't think so. There are 222,000 people in Westmoreland County that don't have a church home. Is it ok that a vast majority of those people will be spending eternity apart from God? No way!

Two thousand years ago when Mary got to the tomb it was empty! Come on, if that doesn't set your hair on fire then I don't know what will. Sin was kicked to the curb. Satan was sent home defeated. God wins! Jesus is the Man!

Over the next couple of weeks I hope and pray that you will do everything you can to invest and invite someone in your circle of influence to worship with us at Charter Oak Church. The people of this region need to hear about God's great love for them. This is critical.

Let me make this crystal clear, no matter what CNN says, it's not about the economy. It's about Jesus.