Monday, March 30, 2009


As I was reading my morning blogs I came across this post by Seth Godin called Ignore Your Critics. This morning I received a few very supportive text messages from friends and a great email from one of my prayer partners. But in the midst of that I also received an anonymous note from someone being critical. What has captured my attention - all of the good and supportive notes or the critical one? You know - it's the critical one that isn't signed.

Why is it that we get caught up in the criticism and torn down by it and not get lifted up and supported by the positive? I don't know. I think I am more of a "the glass is half full person" than "half empty". Well truth be told, I am a "what can we do to get that glass filled back up" person but that's not one of the options. Oh well.

In our 40 day reading challenge we have been reading about the relationship between David and Jonathan. Jonathan was the lifter of David's spirits as Saul was the weight on his back. Ultimately, it was Jonathan who was able to have the greater influence on David. He listened to the positive and minimized the negative.

Pray for me that I may listen to the positive and not be torn down by the critics.


Rich said...

It is always good to keep a balance perspective on your performance. I pray God will reveal any truth in the criticism that you should address. Don't dwell on it. Satan wants to distract you. Keep doing the next right thing!