Friday, November 18, 2005

Why We Do What We Do

Sometimes I need to be reminded what the focus of the weekend is all about...

"Worship is when you walk away and all you can think about is Him and your relationship with Him. You are not thinking about the band or the music or whether or not they did your favorite song. You are simple lost in your thoughts of Him; you are remembering what the Holy Spirit told you and taught you; you are relishing in the satisfaction of your soul because your needs have been heard and met. You have been given love and have received love; moreover, your affection has not been rejected and you are at peace. You are stirred to continue to be obedient to all He has commanded, not out of duty or obligation, but because you are in love with your Creator who loves you like no one can. True worship results in change of your heart, of your actions, of your mind. Otherwise, we have simply sung a bunch of songs over and over like choir practice. So, either I am a singer and I go away a bit hoarse or I am a worshipper and go away different."

Thanks for reminding me Brandi.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Crowder does it again.

This is the most creative album I have ever heard in the Christian music industry. There are times that I am brought to the very throne of God in worship. There are other times that I find myself laughing my head off. I also wonder occasionally, what in the world is he trying to do here.

Thanks to my incredible wife, for giving me this great gift!