Monday, March 16, 2009

Back from Study leave

Last week a family from our congregation graciously gave me the keys to their four bedroom home in a local ski resort so I could get away for one-on-one time with God. Since there is not any real snow left on the mountain, the whole resort was very quiet. Just what I needed, no distractions, nothing to capture my attention except God.

The one time I saw someone was the time I didn't want anyone to be able to see me. I had David Crowder cranked up and I was singing and dancing all over the house. But the house has very big windows that allows anyone who is driving by to see what is going on. Well, the only time I saw security was in that moment. They drove by very slowly - I'm sure wondering what in the world I was doing and if I was physically ok. Those of you who have seen me dance have a very clear picture of what I am talking about!

Anyway, I was able to gain some very good clarity for myself. As I am catching up this week, I want to share some things here that I was able to hear from God. It was a very good week for me. Just what I needed at just the right time.

I want to thank so many of you for praying for me while I was gone. Many of you have expressed that you were praying for me. I know God answered your prayers. Thank you.