Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 Samuel 16

Verse 21, "David came to Saul and entered his service. Saul liked him very much, and David become one of his armor-bearers."

How quickly life can change. In one moment Samuel is mourning the demise of Saul. In the next moment he is being moved into the role of anointing the next leader of Israel. David is standing in the meadow watching over his father's sheep and then he is ushered into the presence of God's prophet and has oil poured over his head and his anointed the new king. Then he turns around and is invited to be a servant to Saul in order to ease his pain. You can't make this stuff up!

What allows all of this to happen is character. Poor character on Saul's part and godly character on David's. God tells Samuel it is the heart that matters not the looks. David is immediately put to the test with this invitation to be in the service of Saul. David knows what has happened to him and he knows it is from God. Yet, David goes to Saul and serves him well. How many of us today would be willing to do that?

I must remember that no matter what the assignment from God I must do it with the greatest amount of integrity as possible. There is nothing I should be doing poorly. I certainly shouldn't be doing everything, but what I do I must do with excellence. Saul was pleased with David. People aren't pleased with lazy, sloppy, late work. When I serve, I not only am serving the person before me, I am serving God.