Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unlocking the Future Website

This past weekend we handed out "Unlocking the Future" information packets to every family in attendance. It is our hope that every family will use the information within those packets to begin a spiritual journey of what God is asking EVERY family in our congregation to do to be a part of this capital stewardship program. This is not really about money, it is really about God and getting right in the middle of his will for our lives.

We also launched a brand new website that was designed by one of our members that goes along with the "Unlocking the Future" program. You can check it out here.

Join me in praying, "God, what will be my part in this journey of faith? How can I be obedient to your will in order to fulfill your vision for my life and my church? Jesus, draw me closer to you than I have ever been before."


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Charter Oak Church is doing everything it can to grow the kingdom of God. This campaign is just another of the many testimonies to the kind of committment that you have to getting things done for Jesus.

Also, I saw Pastor Mark at Willow Tree Gymnastics tonight. He didn't know I was paying attention, but I watched from across the room as he shared his faith with 3 of the other parents in the room. It was such a refreshing reminder that my pastors actually practice what they preach.

Way to go guys!

Tom Beagan said...

The website looks great. I hope we see a lot of use and traffic.