Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Phrases from Mark B

Here are some great phrases that Mark Beeson, Lead Pastor of Granger Community Church said during the Leadership Live event:
  • "Put your big boy pants on."
  • "Pour into those who pour into you."
  • "Invest in people before buildings."
  • "Don't pay people to pull against you."
  • "You can call the best out of people - it's all about vision."
  • "Never hire a do-er, hire leaders of leaders."
  • "God is sovereign. God is for you. God is for your family. God is for your church."
  • "Get a stranglehold on what renews you - then do it."
  • "Be crystal clear on the things you cannot hand-off no matter what."
  • "Hire monster leaders."

Mark Beeson is an incredible leader. Every where we went he poured into people. He encouraged everyone he came into contact. It didn't matter if it was his staff or a waitress at a restaurant. He doesn't just bleed Jesus, he has Jesus coming out of every pore of his skin. I was blessed to spend two full days learning from this master leader.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Chris, that is a good list of quotes, the only one that I didn't understand was:
"Never hire a do-er, hire leaders of leaders."
What does he mean by that?

Chris Whitehead said...

When a church is smaller the tendency is to hire people who will do ministry. They have a passion for a particular area and they get the opportunity to get paid to do the work. As a church, like Charter Oak Church, continues to grow, we need people to be leaders. The leaders don't always get to do the hands-on ministry. The joy is in empowering volunteers to do the ministry while the paid staff person leads the leaders of those ministry areas.

An example is our food bank ministry. We could have our staff person set up the tables, set out the food, and then distribute it. But now we are serving so many families that it would take all day for the staff person to do it all. Our staff person is a leader who leads the volunteer leader of the army of volunteers who show up to do the actual work. The staff person can lead the food bank ministry and she can also lead other ministries. This also gets more people from our congregation involved in being the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of this region. The more we can do that, the more people will come to know that they matter to God.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor Chris. That makes sense.