Monday, April 21, 2008

Question #2 - Ministry

Today I am continuing to answer the questions that Craig Groeschel posed on 10 questions each leader should ask in several different areas of life. I am tackling the questions on ministry first.

Question #2: Am I doing ministry from memory or from fresh direction from God?

This is a very difficult question because I think there are different seasons in ministry. There will be times when everything is fresh and there is a powerful anointing from God that is being poured out. Those are the times that I enjoy ministry the most. I love being out on the bleeding edge of where God wants me to be and having to totally rely on him because without God I would fail.

I also recognize that there are seasons of ministry that I go through when I am doing ministry from memory because I am worn out, tired, or just beat up by the rigors of leading a growing church. But it was for these seasons that I studied hard to lay a strong foundation with Jesus. I knew that there would be times that I would not be doing anything new or out there, but just holding on to the love of Jesus. In those seasons I am doing ministry from the memory that God is the one in charge, that he is the only one I seek, that I have an audience of one for my life.

Here is the interesting thing in all of this...when I am going through the season of doing ministry from memory and it is the memory of who Jesus is and who I am in him that I come out of that season and I am put into the season of fresh direction from God. I remember that God is made perfect in my weakness. When it moves from being about me to being all about God, I am changed. I am set free from being worn out, tired, and beat up. I am filled up with a fresh anointing from God.

Please join me in praying that no matter what season you or I am going through that we will place God at the center and remember that it is all about him. Please pray that the leadership - pastors, staff, and volunteers will find their focus and true north from God and God alone.