Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book #8 - Chasing Daylight

I finished reading book #8 of the year last night. I am a bit behind in my reading. This was the right book for me to read right now. Chasing Daylight: Seize the Power of Every Moment by Erwin McManus was a breath of fresh air for me. It challenged me through the story of Jonathan, Saul's son, and his willingness to risk and be obedient to God no matter what.

I loved this book. I meet people all the time that tell me that they think Charter Oak Church is out on the edge with the way we are seeking to do things and lead in a dying denomination. What is perceived outside these walls may not always reflect what is going on inside. I don't think we are trying to do anything outside of what God is leading us. To me, it doesn't seem very edgy, just obedience. I challenge the people of Charter Oak Church every week to be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and to act in obedience to that prompting. I want all of us to seize the power of every moment. I know I need to do that if I am going to stay where God wants me.

Take a moment to ask God to give you courage today to seize the power of every moment, to give you an openness to His prompting, and the courage to follow through. Pray for me too, that I will always be in obedience to God no matter how risky those around us may think it is.


Tom Beagan said...

I think it seems so edgy because obedience to God is counter cultural, Romans 12:2. That obedience will cause us to look out of the norm and appear edgy because we are not conforming.

Chris Whitehead said...


After reading about what is happening through the work of Erwin in Los Angeles, I certainly don't feel edgy. But I guess that really isn't the point, the point is obedience. The only conforming I want is to Christ.