Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leadership Live Starts Tomorrow

We have just arrived in Granger, Indiana after a seven hour drive. Great seven hours of talking to Pastor Dave, bouncing ideas off of him, he asking me questions about the future of Charter Oak Church - tons of laughing. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to go to this conference with PD, the ride time here and back to Greensburg - PRICELESS. You want to know why we are doing the transition one year before he retires, this is it.

Granger Community Church is all about the First Impression and creating a WOW! experience. They have done it with the hotel suite. This is a great hotel. This is a wow. As I walked into my room there was a gift waiting for me, that I will have to save to share with Kelli. It's from the South Bend Chocolate Company. There was also a personal note from Lindsay welcoming me to Granger.

The expectation is already building. PD and I get to spend the next 48 hours with the senior management team of Granger Community Church. We begin at 8:00am tomorrow and end at 9:30pm. I can't wait.

Here's the question I am going to bed thinking about...my expectation is heightened by the small wow factors already, what can we do at Charter Oak Church to create special, small wow factors that get people excited about being at Charter Oak Church?

Please pray for us tomorrow as we have a very long day and I'm sure a ton of information to learn.


Tom Beagan said...

Hey Chris,
Saw the picture of you and PD on Mark Beeson's blog. Hope your time has been worthwhile.