Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I read Tony Morgan's blog everyday. I like to read what leaders who are ahead of me are thinking. I love to learn. There are seasons for me that I just want to drink from a fire hydrant of leadership development because I am so thirsty to learn. Tony had a pretty long post yesterday that really has me thinking. I have copied just a portion of the post below. If you want to read the whole post click here.

"By the way, as a side note, people don't attend ministry programs or events because of slick promotions. They attend ministry programs and events because those events add value to their lives. You can do all the clever marketing you want, but, if the experience is stinky, people will not show up. That's why staff should be focusing more on leading their ministries rather than promoting their ministries. If the experience is positive, people will tell and invite their friends--that's how ministry programs grow."

What would it mean if we decided to only do what God is calling us to do? What if we poured all of our collective leadership energy into just doing those things?

First, we would make people angry because we aren't doing all the things they think we should be doing. On a regular basis I meet with someone who thinks we should start this program or that ministry at Charter Oak Church. When we try to do everything it is like diffused light - it's nice, but not very powerful. But when we have laser beam intense focus - that's the power of God at work.

Second, we will become very good at fulfilling our purpose of changed lives for eternity. Third, we will be right where God wants us to be - in the middle of His will. When we try to do the things that are not of God then God cannot bless it. Fourth, people will tell their friends and invite their friends and we will fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus.


Jeff Kahl said...


Great quote and reflections. Have you read Barna's new book "Pagan Christianity?" I'm in process of reading it, and it definitely seems to address what you're accurately identifying: that much of what Christians expect from church is not necessarily what God wants the church to focus on.


Tom Beagan said...

I agree whole heartedly. The leadership (staff and laity) of a church must always be engaged in an intentional call process. Call is both individual and corporate. A church needs to discern what God is calling them to do and be through that intentional, prayerful process.
I am also reading "Pagan Christianity" since George gave me a book while I was with him in January.

Chris Whitehead said...

I haven't read "Pagan Christianity" yet. I will have to add it to my reading list. Thanks.