Thursday, March 20, 2008

What I'm Praying for this Easter

As I have been preparing for this weekend, I have been praying some very specific prayers that I would love for you to join me in praying.
  1. I'm praying for those in this region who do not go to church for whatever reason. Some of them have stepped away because of a bad experience in a former church. Some just fell away because of the speed of life. Some are new to the area. And some have never even heard the name Jesus. I am asking that God will soften their hearts, minds, and even their souls to his tender voice to seek him this Easter. I am praying that when people from Charter Oak Church invite these people they will say yes.
  2. I'm praying for those who call Charter Oak Church home. We have many people who consider this church the place they connect with God, but they don't show up on a weekly basis. There are also those who are here every week or some where between the two. I am praying that this Easter will be a brand new experience for them. I am praying that they will have new eyes and ears. I am praying that they will be open to what God wants to do in them and through them this weekend and beyond. I am praying they will have courage to invite those in their circle of influence that do not go to church to worship here this weekend.
  3. I'm also praying for myself. That may sound selfish to many, but I need God, probably more than any other weekend, I need God to be the point. I am praying that it will be God that speaks and not me. I am praying that I will have God's energy, passion, excitement, wisdom, words, and love. Mine are not enough. Without God I will fail. There is too much hanging in the balance - people's eternity, for me to try to do this on my own. So I am praying for myself to bring all that God has for the people of Charter Oak Church this weekend.

I hope that you will join me in these prayers. Your authentic words to God on behalf of the people of this region, the people of Charter Oak Church, and me, will make an eternal difference.