Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter at Charter Oak Church

This weekend I am starting a new series called "Transformed." This past weekend Bill Gates put together a video teaser for the series using movie clips from Transformers. He did an awesome job setting up the series. The tag line for the movie and the cartoon it is based upon is "more than meets the eye." What would happen if we as followers of Jesus went deeper than just what people see? What would happen if we lived into the Easter miracle of a transformed life - not just parts of us. I'm talking about a complete overhaul - we were once living our own way and now we are living the way of Jesus.

This Easter is a great time for you to invite the people in your circle of influence to check out God and see what God is doing in this place. Most people are open to an invitation by a friend on Easter. I am asking you to prayerfully consider who you will invite and then give them a call, go see them, stop by their office at work, send then an email or a text message. Whatever it takes because the people in your circle of influence matter to you, but even more, they matter to God.