Monday, March 31, 2008

New Appreciation for Life

I knew yesterday was going to be a long day - teach at our three morning worship services, meet with the leadership team of a local congregation who is going to be building soon and wanted to spend some time with me, having a very late lunch or early dinner with my district superintendent, and then some work at home. I never got the chance to do the work at home because I received a call that one of our members had a heart attack after worship this morning.

When I finally made it to the hospital, Jim was already in surgery. They were going to do five or six by-passes. That meant that all of the arteries coming out of Jim's heart were almost completely blocked. This is a strong, healthy man. He loves his wife and his daughter. He works very hard at his job. And bam! everything is changing for them now.

I immediately thought of my 30 Days to Live series that I kicked off the year with. It is times like these that people get a new appreciation for life. And because I get the privilege of walking beside them in some small way, I also get a new appreciation for life.

The doctors told Jim he could never eat meat again - not even fish. That's a drastic change. But I think about the change that we are asked to make as followers of Jesus. We are to be transformed. We aren't asked to be a little bit different, but instead we are invited to be like Jesus. I am praying for Jim and Susie, I hope you will too. They have a new appreciation for life and I believe for the amazing grace and love of God that has sustained them through this.