Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

What a great weekend of worship we had at Charter Oak Church this Easter. We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. We celebrated that on that first Easter morning when the tomb was empty - everything changed! My challenge to the people of Charter Oak Church was/is - have just a few things changed in your life or has everything changed? Are you transformed?

Even our time leading up to Easter weekend was special. On Thursday night Pastor Dave led the Maundy Thursday worship by talking about the impact of Jesus washing the disciples' feet. Then in groups of 12 we sat around a table to share in Holy Communion. Last year we had 120 people, this year we had 178! That's a 48% increase. On Friday night we celebrated the Tenebrae service. 160 people heard the scripture readings of the betrayal, abandonment, and death of Jesus. Then over Easter weekend 1,245 people worshipped together as we magnified the risen Savior - a 10% increase over last year. What an awesome opportunity for us to join our hearts together and press play on the soundtrack of God in this world!