Monday, March 31, 2008

Competing Voices

This weekend, Bill and Karen Thompson, announced in a formal way the launch of our next capital stewardship program - Unlocking the Future. For those who have been around Charter Oak Church for a while, this next stewardship program is not a surprise. We had to borrow $3.4 million to build our new facility. We knew that we didn't want to take away from ministry and missions, so we need a second stream of income to pay our mortgage.

At our one year anniversary we announced to the congregation that we were in the preliminary stages of designing the second phase of our master building plan and we would be building again in the near future to accommodate our numerical growth and to make room to ensure that we could continue to grow. Then about a month ago we introduced the leadership team of the Unlocking the Future program. As we introduced the leadership team we also shared the vision and purpose of the program.

Even though we have been communicating clearly along the way and even though we have shared that we will answer any questions along the way, people still choose to say things that are not true or act in an un-biblical manner. This breaks my heart as a pastor. Instead of asking me or someone on the leadership team to answer a legitimate question, they choose to make things up. It seems to be easier to justify it in their minds than to get to the truth.

This weekend we are giving a packet of information to every household connected to Charter Oak Church. The information will again explain what we are seeking to do through the Unlocking the Future program. It will challenge the people of Charter Oak Church to seek God's will for their lives. It will lead us through a discernment process by reading scripture and prayer. I also hope that it will help people to know the truth and not make speculations.

There are no competing voices at Charter Oak Church - there is only One. We follow God. I am looking forward to the spiritual journey that we are about to embark on as a faith community to do all God wants us to do and to be a part of the incredible things that He is already at work doing.