Sunday, March 9, 2008

Study Leave

From time to time Jesus would slip away for some one-on-one time with His heavenly Father. It gave Him a chance to be reminded about God's plan for His life and it re-energized Him for doing day to day ministry. I am going to follow in the footsteps of Jesus this week. I am going to the mountains for a week of one-on-one time with God.
With the speed that we do life, what would happen if we all ordered our lives after the example of Jesus? What if we really took a day of rest? It was designed with you and me in mind - to help us to re-connect with God on a weekly basis. What if we slipped away from time to time to spend long time chunks with God? Many will say, that would be impossible with my schedule. Well, if you looked at my schedule right now, you would realize that I could say the same thing. As a matter of fact, I had someone ask me how I could go away now with everything that is going on at Charter Oak Church. I simply responded that if I didn't go away, we wouldn't be able to do everything we are supposed to do going forward. We make time for what's important.
How can you schedule time to be alone with God?


Tom Beagan said...

As I ahve shared before, I continue to be blessed and inspired by my day each month of a time of fasting and away with God. In addition, I have discovered that me spending alone time with God each day even if it is 15 minutes is important. Finally, our staff has been transformed by spending 10-15 minutes every work day , without exception, gathered together for prayer at 9:00 AM.

Pamela said...

I get up at very early in the morning, you probably don't want to know how early, to listen to a Bible study and talk with God every day. I walk around the campus of Edinboro University while I am doing this because if I sat down I'd fall asleep again. When I get home I am ready to start the day. If for some reason I can't get out and walk, I sit with an open journal and write so that I stay focused. That helps me get the day started at least.