Monday, January 28, 2008

Titus 3

As I was studying Titus 3 today I was struck by how emphatic Paul was in writing about the importance of our actions. Verse 8 says, "I want you to stress these things, so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good." If we are followers of Jesus we must be careful (attentive, purposeful, intentional) about devoting ourselves to doing what is good. Devoting doesn't mean we just do it when we feel like it or when we get around to it, but doing it now - as if we have 30 days to live.

Then Paul finishes the letter to Titus with these words, "Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good." We must learn this. The people of Charter Oak Church must learn to devote ourselves to doing what is good. It will be a learning process. What is doing good for you today, will change over time. You may not see the good that God wants to do in and through you right now because of where you are spiritually. As you grow, then you will see the new places that God wants you to join Him where He is already at work. This isn't about checking something off of a to do list, this is about an ongoing partnership with God to live beyond yourself.

If you have a chance today, read Titus and ask God what is the good thing you need to devote yourself to doing.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Chris:

About a month ago God led me, quite by accident, to read Titus 2:11-14, and I haven't been able to leave these verses alone ever since.

It is seems to be saying that God's grace teaches me to live a Godly life in this present age. It further told me that Jesus himself is purifying for himself a people that are His very own (I include myself in that group) that are EAGER TO DO WHAT IS GOOD!

That last part blows me away. What would it be like to wake up every day eager, on fire, to do the right thing. To do the things that your asking us to consider. Paul is telling Titus its possible, and Jesus is going to make it happen in us.

I guess for years I've tried to do the right thing for God. It seems like He is saying, "let me do it through you, just watch my grace accomplish it"

Am I interpreting this correctly?

Katie said...


This post has reminded me that every action, breath, thought, and word counts for God.. which is something that I always need to be reminded of.

"Devoting doesn't mean we just do it when we feel like it or when we get around to it, but doing it now - as if we have 30 days to live."

I wanna take up that challenge. I want to live for Jesus.. make everything count for him. Will you pray for me and check up on me now and then?

Katie Brown

Chris Whitehead said...

I do believe that God wants to work in you and through you. Often times people just expect this to happen without their involvement. The reality is, God cannot work in you and through you without you getting totally invested in the work that God is doing. When the Holy Spirit prompts you to speak or to act you have to say yes and do it. You can't just "watch", you have to be engaged.

Chris Whitehead said...


I'm rooting for you! I want to see you live into all that God wants to accomplish through you. If you will live like you have 30 days to live, I know you will be a part of the awesome things that God is doing. Keep Jesus first and you will live a thrilling life!

And yes, I will check up on you from time to time.