Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Guest Blogger

Here is the latest post from the blog our Pastor to Student Ministries - Mark McMahon...

70 minutes at Charter Oak Church
There is a student in our ministry whose parents attend a different church in our community...No big deal, it's actually somewhat common considering the fact that our church is one of the few in our community that has an active student ministry. That being said, this student's parents decided to come check out one of our Christmas eve services because the times of our services were better suited to their holiday plans than their "home church's" services.

That being said, I got a phone call from the mother of that student earlier today. She thanked me for the hospitality that was extended to her while she and her family were worshipping with us. And then...THE BEST PART...she thanked me for introducing her to Jesus! She said to me, "I've spent 53 years at that other church, and all it took was 70 minutes at Charter Oak Church to really find Jesus."

Please note that I am not trying to make Charter Oak Church sound superior to any other church out there. I am merely quoting something that was said to me that I've known for a long time...and that is the fact that Charter Oak is a place where people from all walks of life can come to find their Savior. I believe that is what a church is supposed to be, by the way. Call it a hospital for sinners, the bride of Christ, a gathering of the faithful. Regardless of the titles you use, God's church has, at its core, a call which defies denominationalism and exceeds the expectations of institutionalized religion. God's church, at its core, has a call to matter what...and love with Christ's love.

So say what you want about my church. I'll be the first to admit that we haven't got it all figured yet. But for at least one person last weekend God chose to attend a divine appointment that was hosted by Charter Oak Church, and that, my friends, is why we do what we do.
Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. You guys really do show Jesus . I'm not a member of your church but the times that our family has attended you make us feel welcome and point us to Christ. Especially in you student ministry. God is shining His grace on you guys and your ministry. Please don't screw it up.

Anonymous said...

I just want to echo what was said in this blog and in the previous comment. What Charter Oak Church gets right is the Gospel. Whether it's you, Dave, or PM preaching, I always know that beneath any given topic of presentation is the constant presence of Christ's love. Equally important to me is the fact that my two teenage children actually look forward to attending church on Sunday nights. They even get mad at me if my husband or I schedule something that prevents them from being around the student ministry. Please keep up the great work.

Chris Whitehead said...

We are very fortunate to be used by God in ways that we don't even know most of the time. I love it when someone lets us know they have given their heart and their life to Jesus.

Here's the thing - we try our best not to "screw it up." But I am human and so is every person on our staff. Thankfully the One whom we serve and who called us to be here in the first place is perfect.

I can't promise you we won't screw it up. As a matter of fact I'm sure we will. I am thankful for God's grace in those moments and I know that He accepts me at my best and at my worst. I hope that the people who are a part of Charter Oak Church can do the same.