Friday, January 18, 2008

Post #300

Since this is a monumental moment in my blogging - post #300, I thought I would share a post from Jon Ferguson that I read this morning that was really great. It's called "You Know You're Not Leading When..."
You know you are not leading when . . .
  • You wait for someone to tell you what to do rather than taking the initiative yourself
  • You spend too much time talking about how things should be different
  • You blame the context, surroundings, or other people for your current situation
  • You choose not to speak the truth in love
  • You are more concerned about being cool or accepted than doing the right thing
  • You seek consensus, rather than casting vision for a preferable future
  • You aren't taking any significant risks
  • You accept status quo as the way it's always been and always will be
  • You start protecting your reputation instead of opening yourself up to opposition
  • You sleep a little too sound
  • You procrastinate to avoid making a tough call
  • You talk to others about the problem rather than taking it to the person responsible
  • You don't feel like your butt is on the line for anything significant
  • You think what you say doesn't matter
  • You ask for way too many opinions before taking action

This is a great leadership filter that Jon gives to us. This is definitely going to be a part of my leadership development process.