Tuesday, January 22, 2008

30 Days to Live with My Family

The filter we are putting on our lives at Charter Oak Church is - How would I live my life differently if I knew I only had 30 Days to Live? Today I want to write about how I would answer that question in regards to my life with my family. Here's what I have been processing...
  • I would speak Kelli's love language all the time we are together.
  • I would not hurry through dinner - it would be an event worth staying at the table for. Plus I would be in the kitchen with Kelli preparing dinner.
  • I would read more to my kids. I am reading the Little House series with Abby and the Narnia series with Caleb. I would read every night and longer.
  • I would be fully engaged when I am with them, not half listening while watching tv.
  • I would make sure that they knew how much God loves them and I love them.

What about you? If you knew you had 30 Days to Live, how would that be manifested in your relationship with your family?


Jeff Kahl said...

I liked your "love language" promise...I would definitely do that with my wife Cherith.