Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning Through Coaching

Investing in the future - investing in now. Yesterday I met with Kiersten. She is a student who is responding to her call into ministry. She will be speaking here on March 1. I am excited.

We were meeting for the second time yesterday to talk about what she would be speaking about that Sunday. I hope that she sees me as a coach trying to bring the best out in her. But here's something that I didn't expect - as we were talking my level of excitement was going up. As we talked about tweaking this paragraph or finding a clearer way to express a thought I realized that as I was coaching her, she was coaching me. I was learning too!

I fully believe in Kiersten. I believe in her call from God. I want to invest in her life so that she can completely live into that call. The interesting thing about this is, when I was in the exact same place that she is in life, someone from Charter Oak Church believed in me and saw something in me and asked me to speak. It was my first time. It gave me a glimpse of what God would some day do in me and through me. Now it is my chance to offer the same opportunity to Kiersten. I know God will speak through her. I know you will be blessed by her story.


Tom Beagan said...

Thanks Chris!

GrandmaK said...

She is an amazing young woman. I was truly blessed to get to know her better on our trip to Jamaica and what a joy to my heart to watch her in action. She has a sweet, gentleness that is so beautiful. I understand how she blessed you!