Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great Post

Just read this from Craig Groeschel - blog.

My favorite line, "If you plan to reach the next generation for Christ, don’t ask them to believe what you believe, instead invite them to do what you do."

This will give you the opportunity to later have a conversation about what you believe, but it will be put into the context of being a follower of Jesus first.

This sounds so much like our reading today from James 2.


KelleyD said...

How right you are. When I spoke with someone from work and they said they had no religion and had no desire to be religious. I said, I agree with you on that one. You don't need religion, you only need Christ Jesus. I said, I'm not going to push him on you, but let me tell you what HE has done for me.

So I went thru my tradegies, and how God helped me thru. The miracles God has made happen this year. He asked me, can god do that for me to ?? I said, yes, only if you want to and desire to be his child. I explained how to ask God's acceptance and gave him a children's bible, since he said he doesn't understand God's word.

Praise God, He's coming to me with questions. I don't know if he truly asked God to be his child, but I know that God is at work in him. I can't wait to see God work Thru him !!