Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Should the weekend worship gathering be exciting? Should it be creative? Should worship at Charter Oak Church be run of the mill? Creative - yes! Exciting - yes! Run of the mill - no!

We already begin with the premise that we are biblically based. Everything we do seeks to build on the revealed Word of God. So if that is our foundation, what liberty do we have to create worship that engages people right where they are so that they can know the fullness of God's love for them?

Some people try to make this about music style. Some try to make this about modern or post modern or something all together different. I think that is an adventure in missing the point. Some accuse that this is watering down the truth. If anyone spent five minutes in our worship service or in one of our small groups or spent time with us in mission, you would know that we go deep and ask for a huge commitment. We accept you right where you are, but we expect that you won't stay there.

Today our Senior Management Team will be looking at the next year's worth of weekends at Charter Oak Church. Creativity and obedience are the words of the day. Pray for us. We want to make clear to the people of this region what God wants to communicate to us. It's going to be a good day!


Tom Beagan said...

This is excellent thinking. I spent two weeks with Christian Schwarz around Natural Church Development. He calls it "Inspiring Worship" In is survey of thousands of churches he found common denominators and style and music were not it. Instead, people inspired by worship reported things like the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident, joy was a major part of worship and excellence was key. These were churches who had traditional, contemporary, rock etc. It was apparent style was not the key factor.
In addition, your thoughts about accepting everyone but helping them to be who God truly created them to be is right on point and I think one of the biggest challenges we continue to face. Keep it up, I applaud your thinking.