Friday, December 17, 2010

God Story #6

As Christmas quickly approaches I want to share some "God stories" with you that have been shared with me lately. If you want to share a God story that I can share with our church family please email me at

Last year, God had me step away from helping with Mission Possible.

This year, God’s prompting led me to throw my hat back in the ring to help with Mission Possible. “Wherever you need me,” that’s what I told Maxine. Each week, Maxine puts me exactly where I’m needed, as a helper, a runner, a first aid person…

But my favorite joy is serving as a table parent at dinner. I have had the privilege of getting to know four second grade girls: Annie, Gracie, Addison, and Zoey. They keep me up to date on their favorite ice cream flavor, their favorite movie, their favorite sport, and their favorite colors. We get to share birthdays on birthday night, we pray together, we use our table manners, and we talk about lessons that Jesus teaches us. One particular week, the lesson was on compassion. At dinner Zoey wasn’t feeling well so she went to the rest room. When she didn’t come back, Addison asked if she could check on her. When neither girl came back, I went to check on them both. What I found was Addison gently wrapping her jacket over Zoey’s shoulders, because Zoey was cold and shivering. Compassion- being the gentle hand of Jesus.

I serve because I love God. God loves me so much that He blesses me with those moments where I see Him at work. Our children are the future. They won’t know Jesus or the promises of God unless we teach them, unless we share with them what God has done for us, and then they too can pass it on to their children.