Thursday, December 16, 2010

God Story #5

As Christmas quickly approaches I want to share some "God stories" with you that have been shared with me lately. If you want to share a God story that I can share with our church family please email me at

I was having lunch at Wendy’s last week with my daughter and 2 of my grandchildren. As usual, we prayed before we ate. A young woman sitting at the table next to us said, ”Excuse me, but did you all just pray before you ate?” I said yes that we think it is important and it is just something that we do. She said the she was just saved in Christ last year but was already feeling like she was losing some of that ‘feeling’ and had asked God that morning to refresh her spirit. She felt that observing us pray and make God a natural part of our lives was a confirmation from Him. We all were enjoying the sacred carols that were playing and that was another confirmation for her. She asked where we go to church and said that she just might come and try our church sometime because she was driving quite a distance to the church that she had been attending. I told her that we would welcome her and look forward to seeing her again.

Merry Christmas…a refreshed spirit by the work of the Holy Spirit!