Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God Story #3

As Christmas quickly approaches I want to share some "God stories" with you that have been shared with me lately. If you want to share a God story that I can share with our church family please email me at cwhitehead@charteroakumc.org.

Last Monday, April, who takes her son to accessAbilities, stopped in the church office inquiring about what items she could purchase and donate to the Food Pantry. She said she doesn’t go to church because she’s “not a good person, not good enough.” I wanted to cry. I told her we’re all sinners and all have issues. I told her God made us just the way we are for a reason and He loves us no matter what. She asked about our worship services and nursery and what else we offer. Naomi showed her around the church and we think she may come back to worship. My heart breaks for someone who asks about donating to the Food Pantry and in the same breath feels she isn’t “good enough” to attend church.

I think (I hope) Naomi and I made a difference in her life that day. I’m going to try to track her down this Monday if she shows up for accessAbilities, because she has been on my heart and in my thoughts all week.