Monday, April 27, 2009

Romans 6

Verse 18, "You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness."

Wow! I love that verse. I love the imagery that it inspires in me. I have been set free from sin. There was once a bondage that was in place in my life and in my heart to sin. I was a slave to doing things counter to the will of God. According to Paul I was "in slavery to impurity and ever-increasing wickedness." That was before I turned my life over to Jesus.

Now I have become a slave to righteousness. I am free from my old life. That is good news. The choice is now mine as to how I live. Will I live as a slave to my sin or will I live as a slave to righteousness? What do I really believe about my heavenly Father? I believe His love for me is perfect. I believe He wants me to live into the fullness of all that He has to offer. This seems so simple, it is, but it isn't easy. My natural tendency is toward sin. My heart wants God and more of Him. Unfortunately I don't always make the choices that honor God.

When I am tempted, temptation always comes before the sin, I must remember that sin is not my master because I am not under the law but under grace. I must live as a redeemed child of God. I have an incredible gift of salvation through Jesus. I must fully receive and embrace this precious gift.