Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On Sunday afternoon, I facilitated my first "Pastor's Lunch" with 13 people who are new to Charter Oak Church. I decided to start this first step opportunity because I want to make it easier for people who are trying to discern if Charter Oak Church is the family they want to become a part of as they grow to become more like Jesus. As we ate lunch I shared some of the church's history and my faith background. After they finished eating I gave them the opportunity to ask me anything they wanted about the church - our mission, our ministries, our staff, whatever they might need to know to understand us - where we have been, where we are currently, and where we are headed.
It was a great time together. I loved hearing the stories of lives that have been touched in a significant way in the short time they have been attending Charter Oak Church. I thank God that He has brought these people here. I thank God for what has been done in them and will be done through them in the future.
If the people present for the Pastor's Lunch are an indication of the lives that are being transformed by the love and grace of God, then I can't wait to see what's next as God moves in powerful ways.