Monday, October 13, 2008

Guitar Shopping

I took my family shopping at the Guitar Center this past weekend. My son is in the market for a new electric guitar. This was my first experience at a major, national guitar store chain. I was blown away. There had to be a thousand guitars there. The prices varied from $10,000+ to $199.
As my son tried different guitars, I quickly realized that quality is everything, but quality costs big bucks.
That makes me think about how we do things around Charter Oak Church. I believe when we are serving God and making His name known in this region we should do it at the highest level of quality that we can. Sometimes that means that we invest some serious dollars into purchasing something that will help make that happen. Other times it means that we invest our time and energy to bring the most innovative and creative process to the table. It may not cost money in terms of buying something, but it definitely is an investment.
Every week people enter our doors for the first time. They quickly realize that we a different than the typical church. I know this because people tell me. These people are looking for an environment where they can experience the love and grace of God. We can either do that with little creativity and little investment or we can bring our very best to the table week after week. You would think this is a no brainer, but it isn't. We are different as a church because we work hard to bring quality to everything we do so that we can honor God.
It is easy to forget in the day to day activity of the church that high quality honors God; we just get so busy. But just as you can hear the difference in sound between a cheap guitar and a quality one, there is a difference in the church when we bring our very best versus just showing up. God always deserves our best!


Keith H. McIlwain said...

That's a great store.

Haylee said...

I too have got my guitar shopping through Guitar Center, it's really fun to do that.