Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meeting a New Need

The Latrobe School District announced that there would be periodic early release days this school year. It just happens that the day they choose is also the day we have an after school program for elementary age kids.
We quickly realized that there was a new need in our community - quality care for elementary age kids who's parents work. What would Charter Oak Church do with this new opportunity?
Yesterday was our first opportunity to meet a new need in our region. We worked with the three principals of the local elementary schools. We let every family know of our ability to meet their family's need throughout this school year.
We had 84 kids show up! Did they have fun? Were they well served? As kids were being picked up some were crying because they didn't want to leave. Others kids were begging their parents to bring them back the next time. I think Maxine Wilson and her team did an incredible job!
It is amazing when we open our eyes to the opportunities that God presents and then we bring passionate, called, and gifted people together to serve in places where God is obviously at work. We couldn't have created the kind of excitement that we saw - both in parents and in the kids. The parents, who had a major problem on their hands, now know that they can trust us with the care of their children. The children, who had never been here before, now know that this is an awesome place.
All of this happened because we were open to the possibility of God using the people of Charter Oak Church to meet a new need in our region. It was also possible because we have built relationships with the local schools and have their trust to recommend us to every parent in the district. It has happened because we haven't asked what can you do for us, instead, we have asked how can we serve you?


Tom Beagan said...

Chris, Officially on behalf of The LOGOS Ministry, we are thrilled to see what Maxine and Charter Oak have done with our model for ministry to reach out to children. It is awesome to see the way opportunities were created for kids at the same time parents were aided with this helpful option. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Maxine does a great job. Our daughter was among the 84 kids and absolutely loved her time there. Keep up the good work.