Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spiritual Mentor

This past weekend I took some time away from Charter Oak Church to begin the process of developing relationships with eight college students that I will be mentoring this summer for Won by One to Jamaica. As many of you know I have a passion for the people of Jamaica. Any opportunity I get to serve in connection to Jamaica I will do it. Many of you also know of my connection to Won by One to Jamaica - the organization that leads the trips to Jamaica.

Here's the mission of Won by One to Jamaica:
"We see change in the lives of Jamaicans because God's grace and unconditional love is shared with them in a way that can be fully understood.

We see change in the lives of Americans who come to serve, because they are exposed to the harsh reality of a poverty culture and see in a meaningful way that the only chance of lasting hope can only be found in Christ."

This summer eight college students from around the country will spend ten weeks in Harmons, Jamaica living out this mission as leaders. My job is to mentor these young adults throughout the summer. Kelli and I even get to spend a week in the middle of the summer in Jamaica with them. Seth, McKenzie, Tayler, Klarissa, Tim, Nichole, Justin, and John will be pouring the best of who they are into Jamaicans and Americans all summer long. Please join with me in praying that this will be the best summer of their lives.


GrandmaK said...

Tim and I will be praying for you and His plans for both Jamaicans and the Americans to be fulfilled. You will do an awesome job in this role. I can not even begin to think how their lives will be changed because of spending 10 weeks there. I have watched the blogs from last year's group and they did a great job. The last blog brought back the memories and ache in my own heart of having to leave the harmons all behind as we returned to the land of milk and honey, so very blessed. Its only because of the grace of God that me and my family were planted here. Go with our love and support and lead God's children on this exciting, life-changing adventure.

Bob Zilhaver said...

Mentoring is one of the most important thing we do as Christian leaders. I will be praying for you and the college students whose lives will never be the same.