Thursday, May 1, 2008

Question #5 - Ministry

I am continuing to answer the questions that Craig Groeschel posed on 10 questions each leader should ask in several different areas of life. I am tackling the questions on ministry first.

Question #5 - What faith risk is God calling me to take?

There isn't a more appropriate question for me and the people of Charter Oak Church right now. I am preaching on risk this weekend. We are in the middle of one of the most risk intense seasons in our church.

We are in the middle of the Unlocking the Future capital stewardship program. We are seeking to raise $3 million. We are in the middle of a pastoral transition. This has risk written all over it.

We are asking people to trust and obey God's leading in this stewardship program. When the leadership of a church begins to talk about money - it is risky because people hold so tightly to their money. Money is the god of this nation. When we ask people to give of it obediently, out of their relationship with Jesus, it kicks up some dissension. But what I have learned is that it isn't about me, but it is a spiritual wrestling that is occurring in people's hearts over who is God. This is a huge spiritual development process.

Please pray that people's hearts will be softened to Jesus. Please pray that the people of Charter Oak Church will choose to live into what God is inviting them to instead of kicking up dissension and dis-unity. Please pray that Satan will not gain a foothold during this risky season in the life of our church.