Saturday, May 17, 2008

Margin Allows Vision and Creativity

When I am purposeful about creating margin in my life it allows me to get on track with God's vision and creativity. I am fortunate to be given two weeks of study leave a year by Charter Oak Church. I usually use one week for vision and one for creativity.

I want to make sure that I am right in the middle of God's will for my life so that I can be able to hear where I am to be leading the people of Charter Oak Church through God's vision for His church. When I am so busy and running on empty most of the time it is very difficult to hear from God. I love the Old Testament story that says that God was not in the earthquake, fire, or storm, but in the whisper. God is not going to shout over the noise of my life. I must be rigorous about the creation of margin to hear God's still and small voice leading me.

I also believe that the weekend worship service should be one of the most creative, engaging environments that people enter into each week. I am saddened by pastors and churches who are willing to "phone it in" every week with no preparation, no inspiration, and little to no creativity. Our God is Creator. His very name means creativity and we are made in His image. Jesus consistently used creative means to get people's attention in order to point people to a truth about God. As long as I am buried in the details and putting out fires I will never be as creative as I can be. I must set aside significant chunks of time to creativity. I want to say things in such a way that helps people to become more like Jesus. That's my responsibility. That only happens when I have margin in my life.

What happens when you create margin in your life?


Rich said...


Thanks, brother! I have read your blog over the past few months and it has helped me in my walk with Christ. I have started my own blog as a way to spend some time each day journaling how God is working in my life.


Chris Whitehead said...

Thanks Rich. Welcome to the blog world!