Monday, June 1, 2009

Jonathan Fallwell - Innovate Day 1

Jonathan Falwell

Make sure the vision doesn’t become a victim

“To the ends of the earth” isn’t in our churches

No vision – the church will die
Punch clock, check to do list off

Saturation evangelism
“Lord, I can’t do it, but you can, do it now.”
Be pregnant with new churches

Daniel 10

God gives the vision to one person
Vision can become victim of pride
Drive to be considered a success = pride
Leads to failure
Vision is given to lift up God, not me

Vision can become a victim of jealousy
People leave
We compare to other churches
God called us to build the church not build a mega church
We are in it to win people to Jesus!!

Vision can become a victim of being stagnant
We have to grow if we expect our people to grow
Get fed – study the word - bear much fruit
My #1 priority is my relationship with Jesus

Vision can become a victim of worrying about what people think
When you discover your purpose you will discover you have enemies
Audience of One takes the pressure off

Vision can become a victim of being insecure
Have to have total dependence on God
God will give you all you need

Believe God can do the impossible in you