Monday, June 1, 2009

Francis Chan - Innovate Day 1

Francis Chan
2 Timothy 4

We need to run toward word of God

Book of Acts – oh no, oh no!
Why can’t we see the move of God like that now?
Acts 4:13

People are scared today – educated people
Looking for others to do it
Courage of Joshua and Caleb

God needs us to be courageous
More we know the less boldness we have
Insecurities kick in

Peter and John were common men who just went after it

Start with Word of God and surrender to it
Come back to the obvious truth

What are the things that are commanded?
Love seen so clearly so others can see love of Jesus

Holy Spirit
I need the Holy Spirit – this is all that matters
An unstoppable force
Churches today are a stoppable force

Are we after the supernatural as a church?

Pray for boldness
Have others pray for my boldness