Monday, June 1, 2009

Final Thoughts on Innovate Church Conference

Here is the link to watch all of the sessions from the Innovate Church Conference. I posted all of my notes (finally!!), but I don't think they really capture what was happening and being said. I would highly recommend that you watch the sessions for yourself.

Jonathan Fallwell was by far the speaker who I resonated with the most. He talked a bit about the transition following his dad's death and what it meant for him to become the lead pastor of his church.

Ed Stetzer and Francis Chan were great on Day one. Chris Hodges and Billy Hornsby were incredible on Day two.

I think Thomas Road Church did a great job hosting the event and I believe we received more in resources given to us than what we paid in registration fees. I don't know anyone who is doing that!

This conference wasn't about information as much as it was about inspiration and revelation. Our entire senior management team agrees that this was a very different conference but one in which we needed at this time in the life of our team.


Guy Walker said...

Hey thanks for the link. I was there for most of the speakers but missed a few.

Chris Whitehead said...

Glad I could help.