Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook Changed

I see Facebook changed again. People are very upset again. Some are threatening to leave and go to Google+. I guess that's not change. Leaving one social network and going to a completely different one. I've been thinking today about how this really seems to go with what happens in the church. Many people don't like change there either. But as I think about discipleship, isn't at the root of the discipleship process change? We love to sing Amazing Grace - I once was blind but now I see, I once was lost but now I'm found. That's all about change. We are invited by Jesus to leave our old life and follow Him. That's change. I love change. I also know I need to be changed - transformed. I think you like change too, you change your underwear everyday! Changes do make us uncomfortable, but without change, well, I'm thankful I'm not like I used to be. Give the changes to Facebook a chance, I bet you will catch on pretty quick to what is different. In six months when it changes again you will be amazed at how you want it to go back to the "old" way - yeah, the change we are in right now.