Thursday, March 25, 2010

PD's New Role

We welcome Pastor Dave back at Charter Oak Church as the new Pastor Emeritus. This is a great way to honor PD and recognize his faithful service to the people of Charter Oak Church and this region. Pastor Emeritus is an honorary title and is not given out very often. For us, it means he will be preaching periodically, which we all know is one of his gifts from God. He will not have an office in the church or office hours. He is still retired, but getting to do what he loves - care for the people of this church and share the love of Jesus with us. It's a pretty good deal for him and us. Below is what was read on March 13/14 when he officially became the Pastor Emeritus of Charter Oak Church.
“Recognizing your pastoral leadership of this congregation since the year 1992, we bestow upon you the honor of being known to us and to others as Pastor Emeritus of Charter Oak Church.”

“We remember with regard your spiritual leadership, biblical preaching, heartfelt teaching, and incredible pastoral care.

“In conferring this honor, we join with you in a continued appreciation for the pastoral office. And though you will no longer actively serve as pastor, your integrity, commitment to Jesus, and a heart for this church help us to regard you and the pastoral office you held in our midst.”

In conferring this honor, we pledge ourselves to continued concern for your health and happiness. We will hold you in our prayers and cherish the contributions you have made.”

If you promise to uphold Pastor Dave with your prayers, encourage him with your words, and support him with your actions, please stand up. If you really mean it say “we will!”