Monday, January 11, 2010

Working Out

I have started a new work out program called P90x. Yes, I am trying to capitalize on the start of the New Year and making some healthy decisions - both in exercise and in eating.
One of the reasons I picked P90x is because it lasts for 90 days. If I can be disciplined to do this for three months, I am hoping that it will become a lifestyle decision instead of just an opportunity to fail on another New Year's resolution. Another reason I picked P90x is because it is intense. I need to jump start my routine, not with something that is just going to fill some time but not really do anything - I want results. Soccer season is coming and so is the possibility of going to the beach this summer. How awesome it would be to go to the beach without a shirt on for the first time since like high school!
As I think about the discipline of working out physically I also think about it spiritually. I know lots of people start new things in the New Year when it comes to their faith. Our church - Charter Oak Church is kicking off an all church study for small groups to jump start the New Year. What if you started praying every day for the next 90 days - a different kind of P90x? What if you started reading and studying the Bible everyday for the next 90 days - B90x? Instead of prayer and Bible study being something that you just do everyone once in a while or in fits and starts, perhaps it would become a lifestyle. Just think about the difference that would make in your relationship with God. It's not about summer coming, maybe it's about Jesus coming.


Anonymous said...

I lasted 5 weeks, I know I should be embarrassed, but it is really hard... It killed my shoulders, I am going to get back on the horse and try again or we will have to install bigger seating...