Monday, January 25, 2010

Book #3 - Training Camp

I recently ordered a bunch of books using gift cards from Christmas. One of the books I picked up was Jon Gordon's latest fable about excellence - Training Camp: What the Best Do Better than Everyone Else. It was a very easy read, but was able to teach 11 great principals of excellence in the context of a story.
Most people and in my opinion, most churches, don't want to be great. It is just easier to settle. It takes great effort and intentionality to be great. I believe the church is God's and He will build His church. But I also know there are tons of ways to prevent that from happening.
Training Camp is a great book to make sure that leaders and pastors are doing what is their responsibility in developing themselves, their people, and God's church. Don't go for mediocrity, God deserves so much better and so do His people and the people who need Him.