Sunday, August 9, 2009

Book #14 - Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing

Sometimes I just like to walk through Barnes & Noble looking for books that jump out at me. That's how I came to pick up Geoff Surratt's new book, Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing: How Leaders Can Overcome Costly Mistakes.
I thought that I would love to read a book about how I often times do ministry and what I can learn from all of those mistakes that I have made over the years. Geoff didn't write from research from other pastors. He wrote out of his own decisions and his own learning. Then he asked another pastor to do the same. This is a powerful book written for pastors and leaders in the church.
Here are the 10 things, see if you are like me in doing them:
1. Trying to do it all.
2. Establishing the wrong role for the pastor's family.
3. Providing second-rate worship experiences.
4. Settling for low quality in children's ministry.
5. Promoting talent over integrity.
6. Clinging to a bad location.
7. Copy another successful church.
8. Favoring discipline over reconciliation.
9. Mixing ministry and business.
10. Letting committees steer the ship.
Some of these are probably not what you think from the title. If you are a pastor or a church leader - get this book.