Sunday, August 9, 2009

Book #13 - The Imperfect Board Member

About two years ago I read The Imperfect Board Member: Discovering the Seven Disciplines of Governance Excellence by Jim Brown. I blogged my thought and Jim even called me to talk about what I thought. At that time I wasn't the lead pastor of Charter Oak Church yet. I worked with our board, but I wasn't accountable to the board at that time. Now I am. I thought it was a good time to re-read this book. I'm glad I did. It is one thing to learn about something when you are involved but it is something completely different when you are committed. It's the difference in breakfast - the chicken is involved with the eggs, the pig is committed in the bacon.
I'm committed to bringing out the very best in our board at Charter Oak Church. They are a group of people who are the most spiritually mature and discerning that I have ever had the privilege to serve.
I know that I will be studying this book intently over the next few months and I will be giving a copy to each board member.
To peak your interest, here are the seven disciplines
1. Direct...Organizational Performance
2. Protect...Organizational Performance
3. Respect...Owner Expectations
4. Reflect...on Organizational Results
5. Select...your Prominent leadership
6. Expect...great Board-Management Interaction
7. Connect...for healthy Board Relations