Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Readings

Thursday night represents the end of the week for me. Friday is my day off. I try to make sure I am home on Thursday nights. Tonight Kelli is out at a party for her lady friends. Caleb is watching the Pens kill the Islanders. It's 8-1 in the second period. Abby is in bed.

So I started reading randomly through some of the blogs of the students in our ministry. Wow! I was never this deep. I was a jock - when is the next game? was the deepest I went at that age. These students are incredible.

Amber, the Deuce, Ande - college students

Sammi, Katie, Kayla - high school students

They all run deep. They all love Jesus. They all will change the world in some way because the love of Jesus within them in undeniable.


ph1sh said...

do you want to read my blog paster chris

Chris Whitehead said...

Thanks for the link, Thomas. I'll be reading.