Thursday, September 4, 2008

Small Groups

The small group I am a part of at Charter Oak Church started up again. We affectionately call ourselves "Dads in the Middle." Most of our wives are in a small group called "Moms in the Middle" so we are just playing off on that title. Both our wives and we are standing in the middle between God and our children. We are seeking to do life together as dads so that we can develop as followers of Jesus. We want our relationship with our kids to come out of our relationship with our Savior.
As I look at the church calendar I am blown away by how many small group opportunities there are this fall. I hope that you will carve out the time in your busy life to be actively involved in a small group. I truly believe the best place for spiritual development to occur is in the context of a small group. If you want help getting connected, give me a call.