Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Going Off-site Today

Our Senior Management Team is leaving in a few minutes to go off-site today. We are going to calendar 2009 and pray, process, and dream about what God has in store for Charter Oak Church in the coming years. We could really use your prayers. This is such an exciting time in the life of our church - lives are being changed, people are sharing their stories of what God has taken them from and who they have become in Jesus. Incredible stuff - only God stuff.

We are going over to New Stanton UMC where my good friend Steve Bane is the pastor. God is doing some really great things there too. I used to think that when I led an off-site that we had to pay to rent a room at hotel or at a conference center or something like that. Then I began to think of all of the churches that are around that probably have a room or two that are available and the pastor wouldn't charge us for it. So we get the off-site with all of the advantages of getting away, even if it is only across town and it doesn't cost us anything.

What would happen if we as the Church started sharing resources for the building up of the Kingdom? What would happen if we started to think about each other (churches) as being on the same team, trying to move the same ball down the field together. I thank God for Steve Bane and his Kingdom mindset, he truly is a servant of Jesus.