Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Incredible Word of Love and Commitment

Yesterday the Lead Pastor at Granger Community Church posted a blog called "The Most Bang for Your Buck." I was blown away by his words of love and commitment to the people of his congregation. He had incredible courage to post these words and he sent these words to every member of their church. When we are in times of change and in times of uncertainity leaders step to the forefront and do what God has gifted them to do - LEAD. Mark Beeson is leading his congregation well.

I am so proud of the people of Charter Oak Church. In the month of June, a time when most churches see a huge downturn in attendance and giving, we have had our largest giving month of the year. Our attendance has grown. I know God is at work here in our lives as we seek to become more like Jesus. Way to go Charter Oak Church! Stay in tune with the prompting of the Holy Spirit - the best is yet to come!