Thursday, June 5, 2008

Influencing the Jesus Way

Rob Wegner of Granger Community Church recently wrote of what I call influencing the Jesus way. He wrote, "Jesus taught thousands. He trained seventy. He discipled twelve. He mentored three." I love that strategy. I love the connection between verb and number. For me, it's all about capacity.

Jesus had the capacity to teach thousands. He had the capacity to train seventy. He had the capacity to disciple twelve. He had the capacity to mentor three. But here's the seems wrong to say that Jesus had the capacity to only do what he did at each level. He is God. Come on, God should be able to do anything and everything. So maybe it is that the capacity isn't on Jesus, but it is on us - those receiving.

So let's change it then. We have the capacity to be taught by the thousands. We have the capacity to be trained in groups of seventy. We have the capacity to be discipled in groups of twelve. We have the capacity to be mentored in groups of three.

What I am trying to get at is that we need to realize what we are capable of doing and do that, not doing more than what we have the capacity to do. Often times we will put ourselves in situations that just do not lend themselves to accomplishing what we want to do. If we could get the right combination of high capacity leaders with the right number of people in the group that goes with what we are trying to accomplish, how much more would we be successful?

Jesus used these numbers in each of these situations, aren't we supposed to be becoming more like Jesus in every aspect of our lives down to the last detail? Let's start influencing the Jesus way.


terriergal said...

Oh yeah the Granger circus church, THAT'S who we're trying to one-up. Give me a break. Ichabod. Your lampstand is out. All people will remember is that Charter Oak is the church that titillates people and follows the trends of the entertainment world (another Saddleback clone). What a witness!